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What to expect at your first Pointe Shoe fitting


It's time, the moment you have been waiting for, you're finally ready to conquer the world of Pointe. We love having you visit us at The Shoe Room! It’s a special occasion and we do our absolute best to treat it as such.


Of course, we also understand that there are many questions a dancer may have prior to attending her first Pointe shoe fitting.  In order to answer a handful of these questions, we’ve created a short FAQ blog that will allow new dancers a better understanding of what to expect when the big day arrives. Let's get started!



#1 Do I need to bring anything?


No, you are not required to bring anything with you for the fitting. We have everything you will need for your new Pointe shoes. It is recommended that you wear convertible tights. This is so the fitter can take a look at your feet and put your toe padding underneath your tights to stop them moving around or coming off your feet as you're trying on shoes during the appointment. If your teacher has recommended a style or brand for you or any brand that they do not want to see you in please make your fitter aware. 




#2 Can I bring a friend/parent?


Absolutely! We have seating available in our Pointe shoe rooms. If your friend would like to be fit also they must make a separate appointment. We keep it to one dancer per appointment as we like to give each dancer all our attention and time to make sure they are in the right shoe for them. We love group fittings! It's a fun experience for all. While your fitting is taking place, your parents are more than welcome to take photos. 


*Each appointment is 30 mins long per dancer. If you are coming in a group please call ahead and we can try our very best to accommodate the group.



#3  What do new pointe shoes feel like? How should they fit my feet?


New Pointe shoes will feel very strange, kind of tight and hard. This is okay; they’re supposed to feel that way. Pointe shoes need to fit your foot perfectly so that your feet don’t slide around inside of your shoes. If your feet are sliding down to the bottom of your shoes, you are more likely to experience bruising of the toenails, blisters, and bleeding. That's not what we want when fitting the perfect shoe. With properly fitted Pointe shoes, you will receive the support that you need in order to avoid discomfort. But don’t worry! The more you dance in your Pointe shoes, the softer and more comfortable they will become. Your sweat will slowly break down the layers of paste and the wing and block will become softer. 




#4 What kinds of things can I wear inside of my shoes?


Back in the day, a lot of dancers didn’t have the luxury of toe padding and protection inside of their shoes. Luckily, times have changed and there are many options to help keep your toes comfortable and safe. There are products like Ouch Pouches, Lamb’s Wool, Toe Caps and Toe Sleeves to prevent blistering and bruising, and Toe Spacers in various sizes to prevent bunion development and bone misalignment. All of these options are available at The Shoe Room, so make sure you ask your dance teacher what they prefer you to wear inside your shoes before visiting us. If you would like to know more about each item, please see our previous blog post  Foot Care and Toe Padding


#5 Do ribbons and elastics come with my shoes? How do I sew them?


 We have a wide selection of ribbons and elastics available at The Shoe Room. Ribbons cost an additional $8.00-$10.00 depending on the style, and elastics cost an additional $0.80 to $3.00. You can learn more in detail about each style by reading out past blog All About Ribbon and Elastics To help a dancer learn to sew, we provide a free instructional printout with images upon request, also available on our website. Additionally, our well trained staff can show dancers and parents how to properly sew their shoes in-store. 



#6 Will my pointe shoe fitting be scary and intimidating?


Absolutely not! Pointe shoe fittings are actually a ton of fun. We try to keep it as fun and educational as possible. Our fitters are here to help, if you have any questions, don't be shy just ask them. They are there to make you feel comfortable and have a good time. It is a very special moment after all and we treat it as such. Remember that if you have any questions about your shoes after you’ve taken them home, you can always call or e-mail The Shoe Room and we’d be happy to help.


BONUS TIP: Plan ahead and book your appointment well in advance

It is important to book an appointment for your pointe shoe fittng. Each fittings is conducted one on one with the dancer and our highly trained fitters to ensure we find the perfect shoe for each dancer. Appointments may need to be booked up to four weeks in advance of the day desired.



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